8 of the Mind-Boggling Things We Encounter on the Road

Luanne Arevalo

8 of the Mind-Boggling Things

We Encounter on the Road

By  Luanne Arevalo

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As kids, we were taught about what we can expect to see on the road: different types of vehicles, stoplights, and traffic officers, among others. You know, the usual stuff. Nobody warned us to watch out for pigs and airplanes. But one shall never underestimate the possibilities Metro Manila can offer – yes, pigs and airplanes included. Here are some of the mind-boggling things we encounter on the road.

An airplane

Via panoramio.com

Yes, an airplane. In fact, it has become a common sighting along the South Luzon Expressway, what with the airport right smack in the city.


These pigs

Via Facebook: Pia De Jesus

Pigs. Literally. They were seen roaming along the Skyway after breaking free from a Lydia’s Lechon truck. Such rebels!


Surprise Waterfalls

We dare not think what this could be. It’s from a busted pipe above the underpass. Is it pee? It’s sewage, isn’t it?

Some person with a sense of entitlement

No special plate indicating that he’s a VIP (in fact, there is no plate to speak of) and no obvious emergency either. Just a strong sense of privilege that makes him more of an animal than the one above on the list.