8 Reasons Why We Pinoys Feel We’re Being Pranked

Anthony Ken

8 Reasons Why We Pinoys Feel We’re Being Pranked

By Anthony Ken

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Happy April Fool’s Day! Wow, time sure flies by when someone’s having fun! Seriously, who else feels like they’ve aged ten years since our last election? One thing you can’t deny, life sure has become more exciting since May 2016.

It often feels like we are on some candid camera show since then. But why should they have all the fun? Why don’t we play along? Who knows, we might actually enjoy it! Here are some pranks we can’t help but feel are being pulled on us:

Court Allows Napoles’ Daughter to Go to Bali

Via Blogspot: zing-chronicles

The Court of Tax Appeals on March 15, 2017 has approved the motion of Jeane Napoles to be allowed to travel to Bali for a 7-day trip. Jeane Napoles, of course, is the daughter of Janet Napoles. Jeane is facing a 17-million Pesos tax evasion case. Oh joy! Where’s the camera at?


DSWD Exec Quips Child-Porn on EU

Via Rappler

We’re pretty sure one of the responsibilities of our Department of Social Welfare and Development is to look after the interest of children in the country. So it is kind of unbelievable that one of their execs would make a joke about it, even if it is used to castigate critics. But I guess you have to be in on it to appreciate it.


Congress Railroads Death Penalty Bill, But imposing it Only Upon Drug addicts

Via IB Times

Our beloved lawmakers passed the Death Penalty Bill in record time, but not until they have amended it to exclude plunder, rape, and treason from mandatory execution. What do you know, those are the very things that most politicians are accused of committing! What were the chances?


DOT Chief Asks Media to Tone Down Reports on EJK

Via Rappler

Obviously, it’s the reports that are doing the damage and not the actual killings. We wonder, has tourism gone down? When we click on the DOT’s site on its tourism campaign, we get the ‘page under construction’ message. Maybe some active promotion of the country would help? Oh, we forgot. Good one, haha!