8 Reasons Why Watching Movies in 4DX Is So Much Better

Tynne De Leon

8 Reasons

Why Watching Movies

in 4DX

Is So Much Better

By Tynne De Leon

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The 4DX™ cinema technology was first introduced here in 2014, and its immersive, all-five-senses-engaged experience makes for a worthwhile trip to theaters. If you haven’t tried this awesome cinema experience, here are 8 reasons why you should:

It’s like 3D, but so much more

Via Business Korea

Watching on 4DX is basically like how you would watch in 3D. 3D glasses are also worn, but 4DX not only engages your perception of depth, it also engages your other senses.


The seats are rocking

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With high-tech motorized recliner seats, moviegoers tend to move in different directions—up and down, side to side, even forwards and backwards to make you feel the thrill of the film. It’s quite disorientating to some, especially if you have vertigo, but it gets fun especially when you experience what the character in the movie is experiencing, i.e., riding a horse.


You can smell scents from the film scenes

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The scents available depend on the movie you’re watching. In the case of Beauty and the Beast, it’s a rose scent that filled the cinema. We wonder what Shrek would smell like.


The special effects are very lit

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The 4DX features environmental effects such as lightning, smoke, fog and even bubbles, which syncs with the scenes from the movie. If you’re planning to watch Beauty and the Beast, expect the  “Be Our Guest”  music scene to be lit.