8 Signs You Were Once Addicted To Friendster

Tynne De Leon

8 Signs You Were Once

a Friendster Addict

By Tynne De Leon

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Before Facebook, Friendster was the first social media phenomenon that had us hooked in the world of the internet. Despite lacking the tools for one-on-one conversations, Friendster has become a haven for people who love connecting with friends and sharing happy thoughts, creative ideas, and mostly random feelings. And admit it–it even made you do a lot of silly things which you consider now as “jeje.”

If you’ve been addicted to this website before (which, by the way, was almost a decade ago), here are the things you will be able to relate to:

You loved answering surveys from the “Bulletin Board.”

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Friendster Bulletin Boards are actually intended for personal announcements to all your friends, but they’ve actually become a slumbook-style survey board that you really loved answering, despite the nonsense questions that end up taking the rest of your day.

Ex. “What are you doing right now?”
– Answering this survey

Giving out “testimonials” is a must for you.

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You weren’t using Friendster right in those days without you giving out testimonials. It was a fun and cheesy way to express your love and admiration to a friend. But there’s a rule: If you made a testimonial for someone, it’s automatic that she has to do one for you also. Thus the classic phrase, “Pahinging testi!”


You’ve learned some basic HTML and CSS coding just to beautify your profile.

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You believe that your profile is a reflection of who you are, and if you can’t find the “Friendster layout” that suits you, then you go and make a personalized one. And it  took you hours to do one because of all the coding that you tried to learn!


You take your “shoutout” very seriously.

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A Friendster “shoutout” is similar to Facebook’s “What’s on your mind”, so it’s got to be short but creative. If not short quotes from well-loved icons, song lyrics would always be your top choice for a shoutout. But if you’re too lazy for that, you just throw in the first cheesy line that will come to your mind.