8 Sports Activities That Will Get You Going This Summer

Cher Ibañez

Via Giphy

8 Sports Activities

That Will Get You Going

This Summer

By Cher Ibañez

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Summer is just around the corner. Coming up with plans is such a daunting task that’s why others opt to spend their free time at home. Instead of the usual “staycation”, make the most out of your summer by trying something new like getting involved on these sports activities.


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Considered as one of the country’s favorite sport (aside from boxing), basketball is always a great activity to learn and try. Nothing else is very Filipino by playing with your friends on your local or even makeshift courts. Make the game more interesting by having a bet at the end of every game like, let’s say losers will buy bottles of RC Cola for everyone. Not really familiar how to play basketball? No worries! Filipino Basketball Academy gives adult basketball training for those who want to learn the sport.



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Have you been dreaming of being Katniss even just for a day? Here’s your chance! According to an article by Archery360, archery has a lot of health benefits. There are a number of archery ranges here and who knows, you might even score some promos so go on and try it! Venues such as Kodanda Archery Range and Gandiva Archery offers promos and lessons that for sure you can’t resist.


Joining Fun Runs

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What’s great about this activity is that besides it helps you to jumpstart an active lifestyle, most fun runs also are doing it for a charitable cause. Nothing beats the feeling of crossing the finish line and at the same time knowing that you helped someone in need too. One of the upcoming runs that every enthusiast has been waiting for is the NatGeo Run 2017. For a different kind of fun run, check out the Color Manila Blacklight Run 2017. Registrations are still open so go for it.


Combat Sports

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For those people who want to engage in a new activity that will very useful in the long run, learning combat sports is the way to go. There are lots of gyms out there that offer beginners lessons. Check out the gyms near you and be amazed how you’ll be transformed physically and mentally. Elorde Boxing Gym offers packages for boxing and Muay Thai.