8 Summer Destinations for 2017

Chino Garcia

8 Summer Destinations for 2017

By Chino Garcia

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2017 is the year of travel. A boom in local travel has got many Filipinos using the hashtag #TravelPH by more than 1,500,000 posts in Instagram.  It’s also been discovered that the Philippines now is compromised by 7,641 islands, with only 2,000 plus being inhabited.  So with more travel options and budget flights, why not explore what the Philippines has got to offer? Here 8 destination, must-explores for the summer!

Bantayan, Cebu

(Photo by Iona Mapa @ionamapa)

Most commonly known as Camp Sawi, Bantayan Island is a stone’s throw away from Cebu City and a must-go-to destination not only for the “sawi”, but also for paradise lovers. On the island, you can take long strolls, go biking and even go sky diving.  If you are a huge fan of the movie that made it famous, many of the original props can still be found around the island, such as Kota Beach Resort.


Alibijaban Island, Quezon Province

(Photo by me @cheensbeans)

Though a long travel time will be required of you, Alibijaban Island in the Quezon province is a worthwhile destination. Organize a group trip to make the long journey bearable, and enjoy bonfires with friends. The island’s great features can be found on the northern end where pine trees, a lazy river, and floating cabanas are all accessible to island goers.


Back Beach Boracay

(Photo by Rhea Bue @iamthedoll)

Boracay, hard to admit, has been somewhat stripped of its gleam as it has become more commercialized as a travel destination. Luckily not the entire island has been consumed by commercialism. Boracay’s Back Beach is an amazing spot to experience a cleaner Boracay. The activities also differ here; go on kite surfing, windsurfing and/or flyboarding.


Lakawon Island, Bacolod

(Photo by me @cheensbeans)

Bacolod is a great destination if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of  Metro Manila. Take a short bus ride to Viejo Cadiz and head on to   the Island of Lakawon.  Lakawon is a newly renovated resort that offers multiple accommodations, from simple camping to hotel quality rooms. Lakawon is also the owner of the Philippine’s biggest party boat–Tawhai Floating Bar. Here you can enjoy  a great view where you can  watch the sun set while lounging, drinking, dancing or leaping off the daybeds and into the water.