8 Ways to Recharge Yourself this Holy Week

Camille Bacsa

8 Ways to Recharge Yourself

this Holy Week

By Camille Bacsa

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If we will be truly honest, Holy Week has become a very modern holiday to celebrate our faith, whilst getting a (long-awaited) time off from work in favour of family bonding. Thus, it’s crucial to get some R&R, in between your penitential obligations as a Catholic. To maximize enrichment of the body and soul, we’ve compiled for you here 8 top tips to power up yourself this long weekend:

Practice gratitude through prayer and meditation as soon as you wake up and before drifting off to sleep

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Saying a prayer of thanks when you wake up sets a tone of positivity for the rest of the day. On the other hand, meditating at night forces you to recall all the good things that transpired in the last 24 hours. As many wise men before us have advised, a greater appreciation for the small and big wins in life is key to finding happiness.


Challenge yourself to a lean and clean diet

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The Lenten season requires fasting anyway, so you might as well maximize the occasion by focusing your meals on leafy greens and some lovingly steamed fish, with a side of fresh fruit and natural juices. Say adios too to sweet and salty indulgences as part of your penitence, and your body will be incredibly thankful for the break.


Organize a religious road trip with your loved ones

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Going out of town is always a refreshing change of pace, even when you’re going with your most boisterous bunch of siblings and cousins. Make the most of the occasion by breathing in fresh air, meditating, and enjoying the solemnity of these 8 pilgrim places near the metro.


Read the Bible, or any spiritual book

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Pair your physical activities with a little enhancement for the mind by spending some quiet, contemplative time with the Bible or any spiritual book of your choosing. Even if you’ve already read it, your newfound maturity this year will help you see things from a different or deeper perspective.