8 Ways to Spot Lasalistas/Lasallians, According to Lasalistas/Lasallians

Naveen Ganglani

8 Ways to Spot Lasalistas/Lasallians,

According to Lasalistas/Lasallians

By  Naveen Ganglani

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The newest Hypebeast clothing? Someone shouting, “Happy T na!” “You’re so conyo, bro.” These are just some of the examples that make people go, “Lasalista yan!”

But how exactly do we know if the person we spot crossing the street has green running through his or her blood? How do we better distinguish the Lasallians we meet in our every day activities without asking them “did you graduate from DLSU?”

To help answer those questions, we asked current and former La Salle students on ways that help them spot other Lasalistas. Here’s what they had to say:

Starbucks? More like Starbs

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“When they shortcut everything,” said Samantha Libao, a current third-year Communications Major, on how to separate DLSU kids from the pack.

Why say “Starbucks” when you can call it “Starbs?” Other examples? “G” instead of “game,” “Happy T” instead of “Happy Thursday,” and “Goks” instead of “Gokongwei” (a building inside campus.)


Filipino Slang + Conyo Vibes

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Usually when people say “Deins, dude,” explained Paulo Punla, a fourth-year Behavioral Sciences Major. “Hassle, bro” is another popular example. Gotta mix and match, after all!


Chilling but winning

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According to Miguel Santos, a former Psych Major who also studied in La Salle Greenhills prior to college, the thought that comes to mind is that Lasalistas are “Laidback but competitive.”

“Madiskarte sila,” he added. Lasallians can be the most chill people in the room, but when it comes to winning time, they’ll try to come out on top at all costs. Just like that basketball team of theirs. You know, the one which just won the UAAP title.


Street food all day, every day

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“They can adapt to any culture,” according to Sam. Examples of such? “You can spot rich kids in carinderias, too.” One of the most popular eating spots near La Salle is Agno, after all. Oh, and who can forget about Noel’s BBQ or the delicious Isaw in Taft?