80-kg chicken-eating python captured on goat pen roof near Mersing

Civil Defence Force (APM) officials from the Kampung Air Papan Tengah branch near Mersing confirmed that they captured an 80-kg, 16-foot python on January 1st that had been vexing locals.

A gentleman alerted the APM late Wednesday night of the serpent’s presence after he swallowed the man’s chicken, and then retreated to the roof of a goat pen to digest.

Three APM staff were dispatched to the scene and it took them 20 minutes to safely capture the snake, which had by then wrapped itself around a wooden pillar on the property. It was then transported to an APM operations center, where it will then be passed onto the Wildlife Department.

The reticulated python is the largest snake native to Asia, and can be found all over Southeast Asia, on both the mainland and islands. They can grow in length to well over six meters, and can weigh up to 75 kilograms on the heavier end of the spectrum, according to a 2002 survey of some 1,000 snakes, meaning our friend caught in Mersing was particularly hefty (though some of that may have been goat bloat).

Pythons kill via constriction, and their diet is mostly mammals with the occasional bird thrown into the mix.  They’ve been known to eat anything from primates, to pigs, to rats, and, when near human settlements, they’ll also sometimes hunt chickens, cats, and dogs.

Attacks on humans are not common, but several cases have been recorded, including a 25-year-old farmer killed in 2017, and another 54-year-old farmer swallowed whole the following year. Both cases occurred in Sulawesi, Indonesia.

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