$9.7 million TOTO New Year Draw is the biggest estimated jackpot of its kind yet

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The upcoming $9.7 million TOTO New Year Draw on Friday (5 January) will be the highest estimated jackpot of its kind to date, a Singapore Pools spokesman told Yahoo News Singapore.

The draw is what is known as a cascade draw, which takes place after three consecutive draws go without a Group 1 prize winner.

According to the Singapore Pools website: “If there is no Group 1 Prize winner at the end of four consecutive draws, the final jackpot amount (38 per cent of the fourth draw’s prize pool plus snowballed amount from the three preceding draws) cascades, i.e. it will be paid to the next prize group with winner(s) and shared equally.”

Friday’s draw is Singapore Pools’ second TOTO New Year Draw. The first was held on 3 January 2014 and had a prize pot of $5 million.

The upcoming New Year Draw’s estimated jackpot is not Singapore Pools’ overall biggest TOTO draw, however. In 2016, the TOTO Hong Bao Draw had a prize pot of $13.9 million.

The annual TOTO Hong Bao Draw, typically held in February since 2000, had a prize pot of $12 million in its 2017 edition. The winning numbers for the 2017 TOTO Hong Bao Draw, held on 10 February last year, were 2, 7, 24, 27, 29 and 34, with the additional number being 21.

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