98 Rolex watches rewarded to long-serving Singapore Paradise Group employees in S$2 mil ‘glamorous’ celebration

All 98 employees who have worked with Paradise Group for at least a decade were rewarded a Rolex watch at a company gathering recently.

The F&B group gifted the luxurious watches to its most loyal employees during its 14th-anniversary celebration on Monday at the Marina Bay Sands Grand Ballroom in front of over 1,300 attendees.

The total price tag for the “glamorous night” was reportedly S$2 million.

A video showed the Paradise employees chirpily queuing up to collect the watches before going up on stage to pose proudly.

“Tonight is an unforgettable night for these employees who have served for ten years,” a host can be heard saying in the background.

The person who posted the video of the event explained that it didn’t matter what the employees’ position was, they got a watch as long as they had served with the company for at least a decade. She also joked that the boss gave out 98 of the 100 watches, keeping the remaining two for himself.

The Straits Times reported that the 98 employees were among 330 who also received other gifts like a Suisse gold bar.

The Paradise Group brands include popular eateries like Beauty in The Pot, Taste Paradise, Paradise Dynasty, LeNu and more.

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