A24's 'We Live in Time' Is Ready to Break Our Hearts

florence pugh, andrew garfield, we live in time trailer
'We Live in Time' Is Ready to Break Our HeartsA24

I don’t want to speak too soon, but it looks like Andrew Garfield and Florence Pugh just made the saddest movie of the year. The duo stars as a young couple in A24’s We Live in Time, which tracks their whirlwind romance after Almut (Pugh) hits Tobias (Garfield) with her car. A classic meet-cute! Naturally, they fall in love and have their lives uprooted by a devastating event.

Here’s the official logline:

Almut (Florence Pugh) and Tobias (Andrew Garfield) are brought together by a surprise encounter that changes their lives. Through snapshots of their life together—falling for each other, building a home, becoming a family—a difficult truth is revealed that rocks its foundation. As they embark on a path challenged by the limits of time, they learn to cherish each moment of the unconventional route their love story has taken in filmmaker John Crowley’s decade-spanning, deeply moving romance.

See what I mean? “Decade-spanning” and “deeply moving” are just movie-speak for heartbreak. The trailer hints at a health-related issue as Almut and Tobias work up the courage to break some mysterious news to their daughter. “There is something that your daddy and I…we want to talk to you about,” Almut says. “It’s a bit serious, though.” Cue the waterworks.

To make matters worse—for us, mostly, who would like to leave this movie with dry eyes—they're a damn charming couple. When they meet, Almut is a budding chef and Tobias is a recent divorcé. After their worlds (quite literally) collide, they become inseparable. The trailer is about two minutes long—and Pugh and Garfield are so convincing that I'd believe it you told me they real-life partners this whole time. (They aren't, but still.) That, of course, is just a testament to their talent. Pugh became a household name in 2019 when she starred in A24’s Midsommar. Since then, she’s starred in Don’t Worry Darling, Oppenheimer, and most recently, Dune. Garfield, of course, has had countless incredible roles over the years, including turns in Tick, Tick... Boom!, The Social Network, and The Amazing Spider-Man franchise.

All of that is to say: our hearts are in good hands. We Live in Time premieres in a limited release on October 11. A word of advice? Bring a box of tissues to the theater. You’re going to need it.

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