Aaj Ka Panchang, September 23, 2021: Check Out Shubh, Ashubh muhurat and Other Details for Thursday

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The Dwitiya tithi will end at 6:53 am on September 23 and the day will mark the Tritiya tithi of Ashwin month in the Vikrama Samvat 2078 year of Hindu Vedic calendar. Pitru Paksha is also being observed from September 20 to October 6, this year. Pitru Paksha is the 16-day period that falls between the full moon time of Bhadrapad and the pratipada of Krishna Paksha. On this day, people pay homage to one’s dead ancestors by performing a puja. Family members of people who died on Tritiya Tithi, including both Krishna Paksha and Shukla Paksha of any month, perform the Tritiya Shraddha puja.

Sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset time on September 23

On September 23, the Panchang has predicted the sunrise and sunset will take place at 6:09 am and 6:16 pm. The timing of moonrise is 7:49 pm, while the moon set timing is 8:03 am.

Tithi, nakshatra and rashi details

The Dwitiya tithi will remain in effect till 6:53 am on September 23. It will be followed by Tritiya tithi. The Revati Nakshatra will remain in effect till 6:44 am and later, the Ashwini Nakshatra will take over. As per the Hindu Panchang, the moon will move from Meena Rashi to Mesha Rashi, while the Sun will continue to be in Kanya Rashi on September 23.

Shubh muhurat

Though there is no Ravi yoga today, the timing for Brahma muhurta is between 4:35 am and 5:22 am. The Abhijit muhurat will begin at 11:49 am and will end at 12:37 pm. The Godhuli muhurat will be from 6:04 pm to 6:28 pm. Other auspicious muhurats for the day like Vijaya muhurat and Sayahna Sandhya muhurta will take place from 2:14 pm to 3:02 pm and 6:16 pm to 7:27 pm, respectively.

Ashubh muhurat

The Rahu Kalam on September 23 will prevail between 1:44 pm and 3:14 pm. The Gulikai Kalam and Yamaganda muhurat will also fall today. The timings for the former is from 9:11 am to 10:42 am, while the latter will be from 6:09 am to 07:40 am.

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