Aaron Kwok buys Lynn a new apartment

Aaron Kwok buys Lynn a new apartment

27 Dec – Rumour has it that Aaron Kwok has bought girlfriend, Lynn Hung, a new apartment worth HKD 20 million (app. USD 2.6 mil) for Christmas.

Groove Asia reported that an insider revealed, "Aaron bought the apartment as soon as he found out that Lynn wished to own it, and they quickly set up appointments with the real estate agent."

The actress was also seen riding her sports car, which was also a gift from Aaron, to the Grand Promenade in Hong Kong with a broker for apartment viewing. Upon seeing reporters at the scene, Lynn denied being there to buy a property, stating that she was only visiting friends.

According to industry sources, the 1311-square feet sea view apartment that Lynn has chosen originally was worth HKD 21 million before they negotiated to the price of HKD 19.88 million (app. USD 2.56 mil).

It was also rumoured Aaron did not expect his girlfriend to purchase such a highly priced flat, after his recent sports car gift to her for her 32nd birthday.

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