Account Number Featured In Netflix Show 'Squid Game' Is Receiving Money From Fans

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If there is one show that is ruling the global entertainment arena right now, it is the Netflix show ‘Squid Game’. The South Korean thriller has captured the attention of a global audience and is only gaining more traction with each passing day. Hence, it is only natural that there are various ways in which fans of the show are expressing their adoration for the show. However, one bizarre expression of appreciation has seen fans depositing money into the account number that was shown in the final episode of the show.

The final episode of the show features protagonist Gi-hun, played by actor Lee Jung-jae, visiting the ATM and checking his bank balance after winning the survival game. It is this bank account which has caught a few fans’ attention who have been sending the money.

According to a report by a South Korean news portal, director of the show Hwang Dong-hyuk said that the account belonged to one of the show’s producers. Speaking to Insight, Hwang said that he heard that the producer has been receiving deposits in the amount of 456 KRW (Rs 28.66) from people who watched the show. The number is significant since the winning amount of Squid Game was 45.6 billion Won (Rs 2,86,67,09,795.78). Another significance related to the number is that Gi-hun was known as player 456 in the show.

Hwang told Insight that to prevent further deposits from happening, the production team decided to close the account to avoid potential issues in the future.

The show has certainly brought some real-life changes to the lives of those involved in the game. Actors of the show HoYeon Jung, Wi Ha-Joon, Hoe Sung-tae, Lee Yoo-mi, Kim Joo-Ryeong, and Anupam Tripathi revealed in a recent interview that they have gained several international followers on their social media handles who have been complimenting them.

The show has also popularised Korean children’s games, like dalgona candy challenge, squid game, and much more. Squid Game premiered on Netflix on September 17.

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