Activist Fahmi Reza shows off ‘seditious’ Baju Raya accessory

Melanie Chalil
The ‘Penghasut’ metal pin was created as part of a crowdfunding reward. — Picture via Instagram

PETALING JAYA, June 13 — With the Hari Raya celebrations just days away, if you have yet to figure out what to wear, activist and cartoonist Fahmi Reza might be able to help put a spin on your traditional outfit.

Fahmi, whose clown caricature of former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak landed him in hot soup — he was jailed for a month and slapped with an RM30,000 fine for posting the image on Facebook — took to Twitter today to share with his 39,500 followers the “perfect” accessory for his baju Raya.



“Check out my baju Raya buttons for Hari Raya this year. Nice or not?,” he wrote with the hashtag #TeamRayaPenghasut.

Soon after the post was uploaded, comments poured in and Fahmi explained that the post was only a joke.

Sadly, those wanting to get their hands on the pins will be disappointed to find out that they are not for sale but were made for his crowdfunding campaign to pay for the hefty fine and his court expenses.

“Around 650 metal pins were made as a crowdfunding reward for those who donated,” he told Malay Mail.

Fahmi said members of the public who contributed RM30 had the choice of the Penghasut metal pin, Penghasut sticker pack or a set of three exercise books with the iconic caricature.



The Penghasut Solidarity Defense Fund campaign was launched in February under Australian crowdfunding site Pozible.

The crowdfund closed on March 31, raising RM41,086.

“All the money raised was channelled to the fund and I used RM30,000 from the fund to pay for the fine,” he said.

Fahmi added that the remaining funds will be used to support other “penghasuts” (instigators).

“If my court appeal against the conviction is successful and the RM30,000 fine is returned, the money will be channelled back into the defense fund,” he said.

Fahmi insisted he has not profited from the sales of Penghasut merchandise, even though he has been accused of profiting from it.