Actor and friends in party, lap dance videos stuck to COVID rules: Zouk nightclub

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Singapore nightclub Zouk has defended patrons including a Chinese-American actor accused of breaking COVID-19 rules during a night out there last week.

Club’s management today told Coconuts that, despite photos showing actor Alan Wan and friends carousing without masks, the group had abided by safety regulations, including sticking to the legally allowed gathering size and only removing their masks to eat or drink.

“The said incident happened on Jan 14, the group of 8 were dining at Zouk Cinema Club thus their masks were off. The materials published do not accurately capture what had happened in the entire space,” a Zouk spokesperson said. “We were operating as a cinema adhering to strict safe management measures and we welcome all guests to come and experience the whole concept for themselves.”

Wan, originally from New York, recently relocated to Singapore and appeared in 2019 Chinese action film The Rookies. He has not spoken publicly about the incident.

Photos of the gathering were later posted to Instagram, leading to complaints they acted irresponsibly.

The management added that the group would have gotten the boot if they hadn’t followed the rules.

According to Zouk, 10 security officers are there to look after the space and will “bounce guests out” if anyone violates safety measures.

The videos, which are no longer publicly available, showed the group wearing masks and maintaining their distance while watching a movie at the nightclub. The clips then cut to them without masks and dancing at their seats. Actor Ky Tan was also seen giving his girlfriend a lap dance. Neither actors nor their talent agents responded to requests seeking comment.

Chinese-language newspaper Lianhe Zaobao said its readers had tipped it off and complained that Wan and friends were setting a bad example by ignoring safety measures.

The nightclub transformed into a movie theatre in October to stem losses. It has been introducing new activities and concepts such as a pop-up cinema and spin classes since the pandemic hindered operations in March.

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