Actress Mira Filzah slammed for ‘unrealistic’ acting as deaf character in ‘Sweet Dreams’

Tan Mei Zi
Mira acknowledges that she still has a long way to go as an actress. — Picture from Instagram/mfmirafilzahAttachments area

PETALING JAYA, Aug 27 — Critics have been coming down hard on Mira Filzah and her portrayal of a person with disabilities (PWD) character on the drama Sweet Dreams.

Mira’s character, who is deaf, was panned for being “unrealistic” and seen as inferior to Sheila Rusly’s depiction of a similar character in the telemovie Pia, Kosmo! reported.

Despite the harsh reviews, Mira has been receiving them with an open heart and readily acknowledged her shortcomings in the drama.

“Everyone will always pit our acting skills against each other. For me, Sheila is truly great and incomparable.

“Our experience in acting is also very different. I’m still in the process of learning and honing my skills,” she was quoted as saying.

Mira added that she had even signed up for sign language classes in order to bring the character of Putri to life.

There was even a sign language instructor on set to supervise Mira’s actions and gestures in front of the camera.

“No doubt, I made mistakes as I am still new to learning all this.

“What’s important is that more people are starting to become more open to learning sign language.”

Sweet Dreams tells the story of Putri and her connection with a man who begins having psychic visions of an impending disaster, leading to his estrangement from society.

The show is directed by Michael Ang and stars Mira, Ben Amir, and Sean Lee.

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