Acute COVID is unlikely in the pediatric age group: Ganga Ram Hospital

New Delhi, Aug 24 (ANI): In research conducted by the National Institute of Disaster Management (NDIM), it has shown a great concern for the preparations related to pediatric facilities in India. It has been reported that 3rd wave can affect children. Speaking on the preparation of the third wave, Dr. Dhiren Gupta, Paediatric Pulmonologist at Delhi's Sir Ganga Ram Hospital on August 24 said, “There is no data to suggest that the pediatric age group is going to get affected because innate immunity will be there. So acute COVID is unlikely in the pediatric age group (in the possible third wave). When we talk about preparation, we have seen what happened in wave 2. Our Government, they have never been prepared for any disaster. We need to prepare for everything. We need to prepare our healthcare to take care of pediatric patients and adult care”.

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