Adam Cheng's family is handling situation of Angelina's death

3 Oct - Adam Cheng's wife Koon Jing Wah recently revealed that the family is currently handling the situation concerning the singer's first daughter Angelina, who died by suicide late last week.

Koon, who spoke to the media regarding the tragedy, stated that relatives were able to contact Angelina's birth mother, Lo Wai Yu, who is living in Vancouver and that details have been provided to the church.

It is noted that Angelina passed away at the age of 55 at home in California, while her mother lives in Canada. She was found dead by the police after church friends reported her missing since 26 September.

Adam's wife also stated that Lo will be handling all the legalities involved in the death, seeing that she is Angelina's biological mother as well as her next-of-kin. However, she and Adam would do all they can for the funeral if Lo allows it.

It is noted that Angelina was estranged from Adam since she was a child, as Lo left the country following her and Adam's separation. Adam went on to marry comedienne Lydia Chum in 1985, who gave birth to daughter and singer Joyce Cheng, before the marriage ended in 1988.

Adam had since married Koon, then a Taiwanese actress in 1989. The two are parents to two daughters, Winnie and Cecily.

Angelina was revealed to have passed away late last month
Angelina was revealed to have passed away late last month

(Photo Source: SOHU, UDN)