Adam Schiff Challenges Biden to Consider if He Can Beat Trump: ‘Only One Reason It’s Close, and That’s the President’s Age’ | Video

President Joe Biden is the only person who can decide if he is the strongest candidate to beat Donald Trump in November, Rep. Adam Schiff said on “Meet the Press” on Sunday, as numerous other Democrats have noted. While he praised Biden’s work as president, the Democratic congressman told anchor Kristen Welker, “Given Joe Biden’s incredible record, given Donald Trump’s terrible record, he should be mopping the floor with Donald Trump. Joe Biden’s running against a criminal. It should not be even close. And there’s only one reason it is close, and that’s the president’s age.”

“What I would advise the president is: seek out the opinions of people you trust,” Schiff continued. “He’s obviously talked to his family about this, and that’s important. But he should seek out people with some distance and objectivity. He should seek out pollsters who are not his own pollsters. He should take a moment to make the best informed judgment, and if the judgment is run, then run hard and beat that S.O.B.”

Schiff also underlined Vice President Kamala Harris’ odds against Trump if she were to become the Democrat Party’s candidate in November. “I think the vice president would be a phenomenal president,” Schiff told Welker. “I think she has the experience, the judgment, the leadership, the ability to be an extraordinary president … I think she could very well win overwhelmingly.”

The representative admitted that Biden has not yet “put concerns” about his age “to rest” following his ABC interview Friday, but also said, “No single interview was going to do that … if the president takes the time to consult people and has an open mind about this, he will do what Joe Biden always does, which is he will make the right decision. He’ll make the decision in the best interests of the country. That’s what he has always done, and I’m confident that’s what he will do here.”

Reactions to Biden’s interview with George Stephanopoulos were mixed. At one point Biden commented that the upcoming election wasn’t about whether he won or lost, but “whether he gave it his all,” Welker pointed out before she asked, “Is that what it’s about? Was that answer satisfying to you?”

“No, that is the answer that most concerned me as well. This is not just about whether he gave it the best college try, but rather whether he made the right decision to run or to pass the torch,” Schiff said. “That is the most important decision for him to make right now. This is about whether this country remains a democracy, whether we veer off into some kind of pseudo dictatorship.”

“Everything’s riding on this and — and I know people feel an urgency. I feel an urgency,” Schiff shared.

You can watch the full interview with Adam Schiff in the video above.

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