Adding Fun to Chinese New Year, Google Puts Snake Game Doodle On Homepage

google-chinese-new-year-doodlegoogle-chinese-new-year-doodle Today is Chinese New Year's eve. So kids, including myself, are “forced” to do spring cleaning. It’s part of the entire Chinese New Year celebration process of shopping, cleaning, eating, gambling (just for fun), and visiting relatives. And fireworks. Of course, younger people will also be busy collecting red envelopers (stuffed with cash) from senior family members. My friends from Taiwan texted me to try Google’s snake game doodle. It’s snake themed because this is the year of the snake in the Chinese calendar, replacing the outgoing year of the dragon. The Google doodle snake game plays a bit like the old Nokia snake game: you control the snake's direction while grabbing items. Avoid grabbing the festive fire crackers though. You have 60 seconds to play but I don’t think you will get any rewards regardless of how many points you score. The game also comes with a traditional Chinese New Year tune, adding to the festive mood. You can try the game on Google’s Hong Kong and Taiwan homepages right now. We’d also like to take this chance to wish all readers a very happy and prosperous Chinese New Year.
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