Adele and Jennifer Lawrence make surprise appearance at New York gay bar

Sabrina Barr
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Adele and Jennifer Lawrence make surprise appearance at New York gay bar

Adele and Jennifer Lawrence stunned fans when they made a surprise appearance at a gay bar in New York on Friday night.

The pair, who've been friends for several years, caused quite a commotion when they unexpectedly turned up at Pieces bar in Greenwich Village.

Several people at the bar couldn't believe their eyes when they realised they were in the vicinity of a multi-Grammy award winning-artist and an Oscar-winning actor.

"I just partied with Jennifer Lawrence and Adele... I am speechless," one person tweeted.

"Randomly getting turnt with JeLaw and Adele. NBD [sic]," another remarked.

During the night, Adele was called onto the stage by the bar's host, drag queen Brita Filter.

While in front of the crowd, the Hello singer was asked to introduce herself.

"Hi my name's Adele," the 30-year-old said, a statement which prompted screams and cheers from the audience.

Adele was later asked what she does for a living, to which she responded: "​I'm actually at the moment a stay-at-home mum."

When then asked by Brita Filter if she's "ready to mingle and have a great time with the gays tonight", Adele replied: "F***ing obviously."

While partying into the early hours of Saturday morning, Adele and Lawrence could be seen laughing with one another and conversing with fellow revellers.

A number of people on Twitter expressed their disappointment at missing out on what appeared to be a fun night out with two global superstars.

"Why can’t Jennifer Lawrence and Adele randomly show up at one of the drag shows I’m at," one person tweeted.

"The idea that @Adele could be at any gay bar at any time.... the gays aren’t safe #Adele," another wrote.