Adi Kan apologises to Angelababy

16 Dec – Actress Adi Kan recently took to social media to express her apology to Angelababy for the misunderstanding concerning her previous statement about a supposed diva actress.

As reported on China Times, previously, netizens speculated that she was talking about the top star when Adi confessed on her reality show that a popular actress previously made her redo her crying scene several times so to ensure she "cries more" than Adi.

Angela's camp had since dismissed rumours that Adi was talking about her, saying that the two of them didn't have any scenes together despite being in the same drama two years ago.

On 9 December, Adi posted a message online, saying, "I am very sorry. It's my fault. I have been a part of [reality show] "The Inn" for a long time and we're all familiar with each other. Sometimes I don't watch what I'm saying, and cause trouble for everyone. I really am sorry."

She also expressed hope that the outside world will not speculate on the issue and blame innocent people, adding, "I will be more cautious."

Angela, in turn, responded directly to Adi, saying that the actress shouldn't have to apologise for what the rumour mongers said.