Advertising Production Services Market Procurement Intelligence Report with COVID-19 Impact Analysis | Global Forecasts, 2020-2024

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The Advertising Production Services market will register an incremental spend of about USD 199 billion, growing at a CAGR of 5.81% during the five-year forecast period. A targeted strategic approach to Advertising Production Services sourcing can unlock several opportunities for buyers. This report also offers market impact and new opportunities created due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Request free sample pages

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SpendEdge has announced the release of its Global Advertising Production Services Market Procurement Intelligence Report (Graphic: Business Wire)

Key benefits to buy this report:

  • What are the market dynamics?

  • What are the key market trends?

  • What are the category growth drivers?

  • What are the constraints on category growth?

  • Who are the suppliers in this market?

  • What are the demand-supply shifts?

  • What are the major category requirements?

  • What are the procurement best practices in this market?

Information on Latest Trends and Supply Chain Market Information Knowledge centre on COVID-19 impact assessment

SpendEdge's reports now include an in-depth complimentary analysis of the COVID-19 impact on procurement and the latest market data to help your company overcome sourcing challenges. Our Advertising Production Services market procurement intelligence report offers actionable procurement intelligence insights, sourcing strategies, and action plans to mitigate risks arising out of the current pandemic situation. The insights offered by our reports will help procurement professionals streamline supply chain operations and gain insights into the best procurement practices to mitigate losses.

Insights into buyer strategies and tactical negotiation levers:

Several strategic and tactical negotiation levers are explained in the report to help buyers achieve the best prices for Advertising Production Services market. The report also aids buyers with relevant Advertising Production Services pricing levels, pros and cons of prevalent pricing models such as volume-based pricing, spot pricing, and cost-plus pricing and category management strategies and best practices to fulfil their category objectives.

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To access the definite purchasing guide on the Global Advertising Production Services that answers all your key questions on price trends and analysis:

  • Am I paying/getting the right prices? Is my Advertising Production Services TCO (total cost of ownership) favorable?

  • How is the price forecast expected to change? What is driving the current and future price changes?

  • Which pricing models offer the most rewarding opportunities?

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Some of the top Global Advertising Production Services suppliers listed in this report:

This Global Advertising Production Services procurement intelligence report has enlisted the top suppliers and their cost structures, SLA terms, best selection criteria, and negotiation strategies.

  • RSA Films

  • Partizan

  • Phenomena Company Ltd.

  • WPP Plc

  • The Interpublic Group of Companies Inc.

  • Dentsu Group Inc.

  • Omnicom Group Inc.

  • Rabbit Content

  • MDC Partners Inc.

  • Happy Hour Productions Limited


  • Biscuit Filmworks

This procurement report helps buyers identify and shortlist the most suitable suppliers for their Global Advertising Production Services requirements by answering the following questions:

  • Am I engaging with the right suppliers?

  • Which KPIs should I use to evaluate my incumbent suppliers?

  • Which supplier selection criteria are relevant for?

  • What are the advertising production services category essentials in terms of SLAs and RFx?

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Table of Content

Exhibits1: Executive Summary1

Exhibits2: Executive Summary2

Exhibits3: Executive Summary3

Exhibits4: Executive Summary4

Exhibits5: Executive Summary5

Exhibits6: Executive Summary6

Exhibits7: Global category spend & yoy growth

Exhibits8: Regional spend

Exhibits9: Regional comparison

Exhibits10: Regional influence on global spend

Exhibits11: Regional spend opportunity for suppliers

Exhibits12: Pricing outlook

Exhibits13: Cost structure

Exhibits14: Overview of pricing models

Exhibits15: Comparison of pricing models

Exhibits16: Supply chain margins

Exhibits17: Cost Drivers

Exhibits18: Volume drivers

Exhibits19: Cost-saving levers

Exhibits20: Quantifying cost-saving opportunities

Exhibits21: Quantifying cost savings by negotiation strategies

Exhibits22: Innovation

Exhibits23: Procurement excellence strategy and SRM

Exhibits24: Strategic sourcing and Technology adoption

Exhibits25: Procurement best practices dashboard

Exhibits26: Sustainability: Impact on category

Exhibits27: Sustainability best practices

Exhibits28: Market favorability index for suppliers

Exhibits29: Threat of rivalry

Exhibits30: Buyer power

Exhibits31: Supplier power

Exhibits32: Threat of new entrants

Exhibits33: Threat of substitutes

Exhibits34: Buyer ecosystem

Exhibits35: Supplier ecosystem

Exhibits36: Ecosystem Disruption Threats

Exhibits37: Objectives

Exhibits38: KPI dashboard

Exhibits39: Category management enablers

Exhibits40: Risk management matrix

Exhibits41: Procurement model

Exhibits42: Technology adoption

Exhibits43: RFx questions overview

Exhibits44: RFx questions

Exhibits45: Supplier selection criteria importance

Exhibits46: Phase I RFI considerations

Exhibits47: Service level agreement terms

Exhibits48: Supplier performance benchmarking criteria

Exhibits49: Suppliers covered

Exhibits50: Market positioning matrix

Exhibits51: RSA Films

Exhibits52: Partizan

Exhibits53: Phenomena Company Ltd.

Exhibits54: WPP Plc

Exhibits55: The Interpublic Group of Companies Inc.

Exhibits56: Dentsu Group Inc.

Exhibits57: Omnicom Group Inc.

Exhibits58: Rabbit Content

Exhibits59: MDC Partners Inc.

Exhibits60: Happy Hour Productions Limited

Exhibits61: ICONOCLAST

Exhibits62: Biscuit Filmworks

Exhibits63: Category spend in the US

Exhibits64: Pricing outlook in the US

Exhibits65: Category Margins

Exhibits66: Cost drivers

Exhibits67: Volume drivers

Exhibits68: Procurement excellence strategy and SRM

Exhibits69: Suppliers covered

Exhibits70: Market positioning matrix

Exhibits71: Risk management matrix

Exhibits72: Category scope

Exhibits73: List of abbreviations

Exhibits74: Key notes

Exhibits75: Executive Summary1

Exhibits76: Executive Summary2

Exhibits77: Executive Summary3

Exhibits78: Executive Summary4

Exhibits79: Executive Summary5

Exhibits80: Executive Summary6

Exhibits81: Global category spend & yoy growth

Exhibits82: Regional spend

Exhibits83: Regional comparison

Exhibits84: Regional influence on global spend

Exhibits85: Regional spend opportunity for suppliers

Exhibits86: Pricing outlook

Exhibits87: Cost structure

Exhibits88: Overview of pricing models

Exhibits89: Comparison of pricing models

Exhibits90: Supply chain margins

Exhibits91: Cost Drivers

Exhibits92: Volume drivers

Exhibits93: Cost-saving levers

Exhibits94: Quantifying cost-saving opportunities

Exhibits95: Quantifying cost savings by negotiation strategies

Exhibits96: Innovation

Exhibits97: Procurement excellence strategy and SRM

Exhibits98: Strategic sourcing and Technology adoption

Exhibits99: Procurement best practices dashboard


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