Aerial drones eyed for Davao City disaster response

Aerial drones are being eyed to help in disaster and emergency response in Davao City, a Mindanao news site reported on Sunday.

Davao City Public Security and Safety Command Center head Francisco Villaroman made the case for using Quad Copter Phantom 2 drones to Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, MindaNews reported.

To show the capabilities of the device, below is a thorough review of a similar drone, the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+, manufactured by the same company:

He was quoted in the report as saying public management in safety and security "needs some modern technology to keep our people safe and secure," adding the city could use “other modern apparatus to avert crime and terrorism, calamity mitigation, and traffic accident monitoring.”

“For example, during a robbery, it would be very easy to spot a car that escaped a crime scene if we had something like that,” Villaroman added.

The MindaNews report said Villaroman tested one of the drones one week after a fire razed houses in two barangays in Isla Verde last April 4 and 5.

He said a drone can cost about P80,000 and can be fitted with cameras that can zoom in on subjects on the ground. He added he was impressed with the Quad Copter Phantom 2 drone.

Last April 4, a fire rendered 3,000 families from Barangays 22C and 23C homeless.

Davao City has a Central 911 emergency response system.

Villaroman made a case for the drones in his presentation before the city council, showing footage and photos from the aerial drone. — Joel Locsin/TJD, GMA News

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