Afghan crisis: Indian national narrates horrifying tales of Kabul airport

New Delhi, Aug 18 (ANI): Indian national who returned from Kabul on August 17 narrated the horrifying incident that took place at the Kabul airport after Taliban captured the capial city of Afghanistan. He said, “We were in panic. My daughter was running a high fever. There was a curfew between 8pm and 6 am (in Kabul). It was very difficult for us because we didn't know what was happening outside. We first reached Indian embassy and the airport”. “It took us around 12 hours to finally depart Kabul. We're thankful to the embassy & Indian Govt. I want to especially thank IAF for evacuating us in time. There are still so many Indians there. I urge Govt to evacuate them,” he added. “Thousands of people including the elderly, women, and children are at the Kabul airport, waiting to leave the city... We also heard gunshots,” he narrated.

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