Afghani women protest for reopening of schools for girls in Kabul

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Kabul [Afghanistan] October 1 (ANI): A group of women in Kabul on Friday protested against the closing of schools and colleges for female students, saying that this is a violation of their fundamental rights in Afghan society.

Teachers and lecturers from schools and universities of Kabul said that the closing of schools and universities is a serious concern that can deeply affect the future of education of girls in Afghanistan and the Taliban should give serious attention to it.

Female students said that education is their Islamic and legal right and that no one should take this right from them, reported TOLOnews.

Afghan women continued to protest even after they were stopped by the 'security forces'.

Earlier, the Deputy Minister of Information and Culture, Zabiullah Mujahid said that protestors should get permission from the Ministry of Justice, reported TOLOnews

It is been more than a month since the Taliban took over Afghanistan, the secondary schools and universities have remained closed for female students. (ANI)

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