Afghanistan crisis: Could not attend classes for days due to stress, say Afghan students studying in DU

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New Delhi [India], August 19 (ANI): Several students of Afghanistan nationality studying in Delhi University lament at their country's situation after the Taliban took control over there, saying that because of stress they are unable to attend classes in the University.

"Our semesters have not been completed, I could not attend online classes for more than three days because of stress, constant tension and pain after seeing my country's situation," a 19-year-old Iqbal Amhed Zai, an Afghan student of Economics in Delhi University told ANI.

In a move to extend their stay in India, more than 250 students holding Afghan nationality in Delhi University want immediate solution over issues such as the extension of visas, hostel allotments after the recent developments in Afghanistan where the Taliban has taken over the country.

"There are students who have got admission in 2020 but, hostels have not been allotted yet following which they are facing residential and financial problems, etc. Even families in Afghanistan cannot transfer the money. Most of them don't want to return to their country because the Taliban has taken control of their country and they will face more extremism, especially students who are about to complete their third year," said Iqbal.

On being asked about their perspective on the "new Taliban", students say that they believe that extremism towards women and minorities will exist.

One student from DU on the condition of anonymity (as his family is in Afghanistan) in resentment said, "They (Taliban) just want to take back Afghanistan to stone ages once again."

"When I saw a video of Taliban entering the parliament and speaking in Urdu, I felt shocked. Seeing our national flag being taken down is the hardest feeling one can ever have," said Iqbal.

Ehsanullah Karim, a student of the third year at Delhi University said, "The biggest problem is that several Afghan students are going through mental health issues. I have many such friends who are facing emotional and mental pressure because of the Taliban regime, its history and its impact on our livelihoods."

Karim further stated, "I am studying at Delhi University. We are very much worried about how to stay back here as we all have visa limitations. The system back in Afghanistan has completely collapsed and there is absolute uncertainty of everything. I had spoken to so many classmates of mine and other Afghan students. Many are terrified."

Various videos of Kabul airport have hit national dailies revealing the people's crisis and fear.

"Many do not have an identity card, passport. Everyone is trying to escape the Taliban and their regime," said another student as he worries about his family in Afghanistan. (ANI)

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