Afghanistan news - live: Taliban claim to have taken Panjshir Valley as UK leaves asylum seekers in limbo

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The Taliban said they have taken over the last rebel province of Afghanistan, the Panjshir Valley, north of Kabul.

A resistance leader denied that rebel forces had lost the valley, where thousands of fighters from regional militias and remnants of the old government’s forces had massed.

Though sources have been unable to verify the Taliban claim, if true it would give them complete control of Afghanistan, something they did not achieve when they first ruled the country between 1996 and 2001.

In the UK, the government has been accused of leaving asylum seekers “in limbo” after refusing amnesty for more than 3,000 Afghans who had already reached the country and were awaiting decisions on their claims.

Sign The Independent’s petition urging the UK to take in more refugees from Afghanistan here.

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