'Afterworlds' is next up from 'Uglies' and 'Leviathan' author

14 March 2014

Scott Westerfeld's next young adult novel, "Afterworlds," takes readers into the whirlwind life of a high school graduate who's on the verge of becoming a bestselling novelist herself.

"The book is about this weird and wonderful space which is the ‘YA boom' of the last 10 years," Westerfeld said in conversation with industry website Publisher's Weekly.

"This world we've created is full of all kinds of hilarious characters -- not just authors, but booksellers, librarians, editors, agents, and fans."

"As someone who's been around it for a while, I wanted to chronicle a bit of how silly and awesome we all are."

With the main storyline following New York newcomer Darcy Patel, an additional narrative arc is occupied with the fate of Darcy's own fictional heroine, Lizzie, stuck between life and death as a result of her peculiar approach to surviving a terrorist attack.

"I figured it would be cool to see an entire fictional novel while it's in the process of being rewritten," said Texas-born Westerfeld, who now resides in both New York and Sydney.

"You see how events in Darcy's real life influence her novel, and how her growing up gives her the tools to make her fictional world deeper and more real."

20th Century Fox had optioned Westerfeld's series of adolescent growth and choice, "Uglies," in 2006, while the intervening years have seen successful big screen adaptations for Lions Gate Entertainment's
"Twilight," "The Hunger Games" and "Divergent."

Now, Publishers Weekly reports that Westerfeld is in talks to see "Uglies" brought to US TV screens.

"Afterworlds" is to be published by Simon & Schuster imprint Pulse from September 24.