Agent tries to sell ‘cheapest’ private residential land in Singapore – that you can’t actually build a house on

Property agents will really try to sell you everything.

“What if I tell you that you can own a piece of private residential land in Singapore for less than S$1 million?” she says in the video.

But if you imagined a gleaming hidden gem in a corner of Singapore with heaps of potential, you probably have to see for yourself exactly what it is.

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So the ‘land’ in question is 1,945 sqft but you cannot build a house on the land or even apply for utilities. On top of that, you can only pay up in cash because buyers are not even allowed to apply for a bank loan.

So what the heck can you do with this piece of land?

Well, Tiang has some suggestions. According to her, you could put a storage container on the land and turn it into a ‘mini’  office with portable water storage and a mini generator, or use it as a mini botanic garden, or as a personal space… for glamping. Okay, so these aren’t exactly amazing suggestions.

The land on Punggol Road is located in a residential area full of other landed houses.

Tiang explains that while the land is meant for landed property, specifically to build a detached house, you need a plot of at least 4,305 sqft to build a house of that nature.

Tiang suggests that you can still appreciate the land by selling the plot to your neighbours (or vice versa) – which means there’s a level of convincing your neighbour to buy or sell their plot… that sounds like another headache tbh.

Of course, a video like this is just asking for the onset of snarky comments, and there were plenty.

Some users lol-ed at her suggestions.

One was in disbelief about the catch to this amazing proposal.

Another was pretty sure something went wrong in the fine print or negotiation stage and doubted their English proficiency.

There were also some alt suggestions.

Considering the housing crisis Singapore is facing now due to increasing costs caused by inflation, labor shortages that have delayed developments and other problems, it seems a bit out of touch to be selling a what is essentially a garden plot that costs around S$1 million .

Would you buy this plot of land in this economy?

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