AGM ‘cancellation’ kerfuffle shouldn’t have happened, Amanah leaders lament

Soo Wern Jun
Amanah Women’s wing chief Siti Mariah Mahmud said meeting reports were not received by the Registrar of Societies (RoS) within the stipulated deadline of 90 days. — Picture by Mukhriz Hazim

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 23 ― Several Parti Amanah Negara leaders have rued the so-called “cancellations” of several annual general meetings (AGM) involving its areas, Youth and Women’s wings nationwide.

When contacted by Malay Mail, they said the issue should not have happened, and were baffled over the circumstances that may have led to the occurrence.

“It's not a cancellation. But what happened was that meeting reports were not received by the Registrar of Societies (RoS) within the stipulated deadline of 90 days.

“Because RoS didn't get them in time, it is considered expired, and so the respective areas and wings have to redo their AGM and resubmit the reports,” Women’s wing chief Siti Mariah Mahmud told Malay Mail.

The Seri Serdang assemblyman admitted that the issue is unusual, but members are now resigned over the fact.

“It is something unexpected, but it has happened. We just have to accept it and those affected have to redo the AGMs.

“In a day or two they will issue notices to notify those who are affected,” she said.

Veteran politician and Hulu Kelang assemblyman Saari Sungib also echoed Siti Mariah’s remark, but did not rule out the possibility that RoS did not receive the reports due to the party's own disorganisation.

“We're not sure what happened, but usually after the respective AGMs have been conducted at respective areas and wings, their reports would be submitted to the party headquarters to be submitted to RoS.

“Was it due to the headquarters being disorganised? Why weren't the reports received on time?” he asked. 

When asked if this would affect member sentiments on the ground building up to the party's National Convention in December, Saari said there would be members who may be unhappy with a “redo” as it may risk those who have secured positions lose their posts.

“But we have time to sort this out as RoS has given an extension for the party up until June 2020 to hold its National Convention.

“So hopefully by then we will get things sorted out,” he said.

It was reported last week that 148 of the party’s AGMs nationwide were cancelled, except in Sabah, due to technical issues.

Youth wing chief Mohd Sany Hamzan had declined to comment on the matter to Malay Mail, suggesting some form of media gag.

“We have been told not to comment on this. Anything pertaining to this, it's best that you refer to the secretary-general Anuar Tahir,” he said when contacted.

Mohd Anuar had in a statement said the party's recovery was expected to not take a long time, as Amanah's position remained stable throughout the country with high intake of new members monthly.

He added that this disruption will not affect the party's election and National Convention scheduled to take place in December later this year.

Mohd Anuar did not respond to Malay Mail’s request for comments. 

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