Agritech is giving a globally vital industry a facelift, startups take centerstage

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Here are 11 startups making things easier for the industry that feeds the world.


Over 2.2 million people in Asia and the Pacific rely on agriculture for their livelihood. On a larger scale, everyone on earth relies on agriculture to avoid going hungry. But climate anomalies and declining investments have led to stagnant and declining yield of major crops, while selective breeding have caused decrease in genetic diversity in livestock that results to decrease in disease resistance.

With the rate the global population is increasing, the global agriculture industry needs to sort things out if it wants to be able to feed the world by 2050.

Enter these startups, with technology developed specifically to service and support the agriculture industry.

Here are 11 to watch:


1. RML Agtech

An award-winning technology company creating services, tools, and products to help farmers significantly improve their productivity and profitability. One product, in particular, delivers agri information through the mobile app or through SMS. Their services enable farmers to lower costs, increase yield, and make informed decisions about farming practices.

Location: India


2. ZeroAgri

An agritech startup that created an soil cultivation system that operates with the use of solar sensors, ground temperature, and soil moisture content to monitor and record the state of the soil and automatically supply it with the optimal amount of moisture and fertiliser.

Location: Japan


3. Eragano

Develops mobile apps to increase small farmers’ productivity and profitability through the use of an automated artificial intellgence farm schedule, farm supply ecommerce, crop insurance, and micro financing.

Location: Indonesia


4. Limakilo

An agritech startup that aims to shorten the food distribution chain by enabling farmers to connect directly to consumers via a mobile app and a web platform.

Location: Indonesia


5. Digichorus Technologies

An online marketplace for the agriculture community to get access to fairest prices for their produce. It provides a platform for the buyers and agent to access the information in real time, enables easy access to transport services, and reduces transport costs.

Location: India


6. iGrow Asia

A platform that connects farmers, land owners, and crop buyers. Think: real life Farmville, where users of the platform purchases seeds, monitor it’s growth and yield, and earn profit share when plants are harvested.

Location: India


7. Phytech

A startup using Phytomonitoring™ technology, which is the remote sensing and monitoring of plant’s growth in real time. It provides farmers with the critical alerts through web and mobile applications to help increase yield and optimise irrigation.

Location: Israel


8. AgroStar

A direct-to-farmer technology platform that simplifies the agri-business experience for farmers. The platform delivers customised solutions to help farmers digitise their farms with the use of data analytics and e-commerce.

Location: India


9. EM3 AgriServices

End-to-end precision-grade farm operations from land preparation to crop harvesting on a pay-per-acre basis. They provide farmers with machine services to help increase productivity at less cost.

Location: India


10. Plant Life Systems

Biological sensors that monitors plant health and collects biometric data to help farmers make data-backed decisions. It also provides a cultivation support system to predict and control plant development.

Location: Japan


11. Hello Nature

An online marketplace for farmers to sell products directly to consumers, switching from complex food distribution systems to direct transactions.

Location: South Korea


All related to crop production, these startups are changing the way farming is done. Now, if we can only have something for livestock production, too.


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