This Ah Beng in drag is the latest livestream auctioneer to entertain netizens

Teng Yong Ping
·Lifestyle Editor
Daniel Lee cross-dresses while conducting livestream auctions on his Facebook page Ladyboy Auction, to entertain his viewers.
Daniel Lee cross-dresses while conducting livestream auctions on his Facebook page, Ladyboy Auction.

SINGAPORE — Move aside, Miss S-hook. There’s a new livestream auction in town that will entertain your socks off – it’s Ladyboy Auction, helmed by Daniel Lee, an Ah Beng who cross-dresses and dances during his auctions.

This is Ladyboy Lee dancing in drag:

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Livestream auctions on Facebook Live have become popular in Singapore in the last couple of years as a way to buy goods at cheap prices.

27-year-old Lee cross-dresses in skimpy clothing while conducting auctions, where he sells products such as electronics, skincare products, and shampoo.

He peppers his videos with Hokkien and other Singlish terms, not unlike Miss S-hook aka Lerine Yeo, another livestream auctioneer who went viral last year for her entertaining videos.

But the main draw at Ladyboy Auction is the drag act. Lee cracks up his audience a few nights a week with personas such as Lee Po Po (inspired by Liang Po Po) and Lee Chu Kang (inspired by Phua Chu Kang).

“You can find such a deal only at Ladyboy Auction,” Lee says in one livestream. “Come in, talk cock sing song, bid song song (“feeling good” in Hokkien).”

Ladyboy Auction’s livestreams last a few hours. Typically, up to 1,000 viewers watch him live – his record is 2,700 live viewers. The total number of views for each video can reach 60,000 to 70,000, including views after the livestreams end.

Lee sells goods supplied by his boss, after which he gets a cut of the sales revenue.

This is Lee doing his Lee Chu Kang act:

Facebook livestream auctioneer Ladyboy Auction's Daniel Lee in character as "Lee Chu Kang".
Daniel Lee in character as "Lee Chu Kang".

This is him doing his Lee Po Po act:

Daniel Lee of Ladyboy Auction doing his "Lee Po Po" act.
Daniel Lee doing his "Lee Po Po" act.

Lee told Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore that he started cross-dressing for a video one day so as to imitate a female ex-employee. At that time, he conducted auctions through a Facebook page called I12Bid.

He realised that cross-dressing brought him many times the number of usual viewers, and decided to continue his act to keep customers hooked instead of hopping over to other Facebook Live auctions. He started the Ladyboy Auction Facebook page about two weeks ago to focus on his cross-dressing act.

Daniel Lee of Ladyboy Auction with his girlfriend. (Photo: Daniel Lee)
Daniel Lee of Ladyboy Auction with his girlfriend. (Photo: Daniel Lee)

Lee said, “While conducting my auctions, I will dance and talk rubbish to my viewers, make them laugh. Maybe 50 per cent of my viewers come in just for a good laugh.”

“I think I give out a lot of positive energy. When people watch my show, they are very happy,” he added.

Lee tells us, for the record, that he is straight. In fact, he has never watched a drag show, but he thinks drag queens are “cool and daring”.

He also has a girlfriend, 29-year-old Mickie Yeo. The two have been a couple for one-and-a-half years. Yeo helps Lee with the Ladyboy Auction business. Lee said Yeo doesn’t mind that he cross-dresses, and finds his act “hilarious”.

What does he think of Miss S-hook?

“It’s not easy for an auctioneer to come up with a way to sell products. It takes talent. To me, S-hook jie (sister) is very zai,” says Lee of Lerine Yeo.

It’d be pretty epic to have both Miss S-hook and Ladyboy Lee team up for an auction show, wouldn’t it?

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