Ahead of Durga Puja, idol makers of Kolkata's Kumartuli worry for sale due to COVID

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Visual of an Idol maker at Kumartuli in Kolkata (Photo/ANI)
Visual of an Idol maker at Kumartuli in Kolkata (Photo/ANI)

Kolkata (West Bengal) [India], October 3 (ANI): With the festival of Durga Puja around the corner, the idol makers of Kolkata's Kumartuli expressed their apprehension about the sale of idols of Goddess Durga this year, since they faced a heavy dip in the sale of idols last year due to COVID-19.

The idol makers said that the prices of raw materials like wood, bamboo, colour, fabric, labour has increased due to which the overall cost of making an idol has increased. However, the selling price of the idols has not seen a surge owing to less demand.

Reminiscing about the bumper sale of idols in the festive season of the pre COVID times, the idol makers said that they have stopped making the big idols and are now making the smaller ones as there is no demand for the big idols in the market in view of COVID-19.

"See there is no profit this year. This year we have sold a bit more idols than the last year. In 2019, we have sold big idols, in 2020 and this year big idols could not be made. For business, it's not a good time. This year, the prices of wood have increased, bamboo prices, colour, all the prices have increased," said Mintu Pal, Idol maker at Kumartuli.

"Due to COVID-19, we could not increase the price however the price of raw materials has increased. This year our profit is going to be less than the last year. From labour to raw material have increased but the price of idols has not increased," he added.

"The bulk of the orders came barely weeks ago, that fewer orders were received. This year, there were orders for small idols instead of bigger ones. The prices of raw materials have shot up, but we are unable to pass on the burden to the customers because they do no longer have that kind of money," said another idol maker. (ANI)

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