Ahmedabad Man Thrashed Brutally by Neighbours After He Objected to Their Dog Peeing on His Car

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Ahmedabad, August 28: In a bizarre incident, a man in Gujarat's Ahmedabad was allegedly thrashed brutally by his neighbours after he objected to their dog peeing on his car’s tyre. Reports inform that the 32-year-old man from Chandkheda was beaten on Thursday by two men for not letting their dog pee near his car. According to a report by TOI, Karnail Katoch, a 32-year-old resident of Parth Avenue in Chandkheda, filed a complaint with the police stating that the accused father and son duo often had fights with people of the society over the pet dogs.

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The report informs that the accused, identified as Chirag Malhotra and Sunny Malhotra, often had heated arguments with other members of society over their pet dog. The complainant and the other residents used to avoid quarrels with the Malhotras. There were too many complaints that they never kept their pet in control. In his FIR, the man said that when he was standing his balcony, he saw that the Malhotras’ dog was peeing on his car tyre, which he had cleaned. Seeing the dog peeing on his car tyre, Katoch screamed from his balcony, asking Sunny to keep his dog in control. Ahmedabad Woman Poisons Her Child, Then Has Sex With Boyfriend; Both Arrested.

Soon after, Sunny began abusing and threatening him and asked to come down and talk to him. By the time Katoch reached downstairs, Sunny and Chirag stood there with sticks in their hands and attacked him, causing severe injuries to his head. Katoch started bleeding heavily following which he was rushed to the hospitals by other residents. An FIR against Chirag and Sunny Malhotra was filed by the victim with Chandkheda police for causing grievous hurt.

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