Airline removes nuts after Sri Lanka president's rage

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    As a president, went into a rage in public place just because sway sway those nuts served to you did not taste fresh. Knn, behaved like a small kid throwing tantemp in public. With such president, no wonder the airline's fianancial status keep going down day by day.....
    Also, for president sack CEO just because his airline refuse to dump other fare paying passengers to give seats to the president's family members. This is clearly an abuse of power and authority. This damn president should be sent to the firing squad.

    I remember reading an incident which happened at the check-in counter in one of the UK airports.
    During that incident, the flight from UK to Singapore was full. The son of XXX airline's chariman wanted to return to Singapore on that particular flight. But the counter staff, a guy, was not willing to dump any of the already checked-in passengers to give seat to the chairman's son, his reason was that all those passengers are fare paying passengers, whereas the chairman's son was not despite he was the son of their chairman, and put him on the next available flight back to Singapore.

    The next day, this Customer Service Officer was told by his boss to report to the HR department. All his peers told him that he's doomed. How dare he got the chairman's son to fly on the later flight, and said that he has no initiative, and that he should start packing up.

    During the interview with the HR department, he gave the same reason for not dumping other passengers to make way for the chairman's son.
    Not only he was not sacked by the airlines, he was in fact promoted to a higher position. The chairman had called and instructed the HR in the UK to promote this guy for not dumping those fare paying passengers even thought that last passenger had told him his father was the chairman of the airline. The chairman had said praise for his right attitude.

    This is the kind of leader we would respect and need, and not that bloody sri-lanka president who sacked the ceo for being upright. No wonder the country still remains so backward with such president.
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    Then what did he expect? Lobster?
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    Another "Nut" having a rage.
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    He doesn't love nuts but many passengers do! It's a nut case to remove nuts from the airlines!
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    Ric Pogi
    Just another "nutrage".
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    The Unwanted
    animals love nuts why make a fuss.
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    i love eating roasted peanuts
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    dun forget we oso have lots of peanut calibre elite leaders here!
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    Simon Say
    Oh. I love Sri Lanka's cashew nuts.
    Best in the world. Maybe the president don't like nuts.
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    The president is highlighting a problem with the airline.
    If they can serve him lousy cashews, then what about the normal passengers?
    Must be worse.
    He wants to improve the airline.
    One way is to wind it up and close it down.