Airport Guide: Surviving the Soekarno-Hatta's terminals

The Jakarta Post Travel has listed the essential information concerning the airport, which is currently in the process of expanding its capacity and sprucing itself up to become a world-class player.

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Terminal 1

Overview – Terminal 1 in Soekarno-Hatta serves domestic flights operated by Lion Air, Sriwijaya Air, Citilink and other local airlines. Its arrival and departure hall are located on the same level. 

When on a short domestic trip, you can leave your car in the long-term airport parking area for Rp 70,000 ($ 7.2) per night. An extra Rp 40,000 ($ 4.2) gets you a carwash service from the parking staff.

Killing time during delays 

The Jakarta Post Travel decided that the minimalist yet dandy Food Cetera, located between Terminal 1B and 1C, is the best spot to wile away the hours in Terminal 1.

Food Cetera has only been around since Dec 2012 and it offers plenty of menu choices, from Japanese suki and kebabs to Singapore snow ice and Indonesian dessert es doger. Aside from the 26 food stalls, it also has a prayer room, cable TV and meeting rooms in the air-conditioned area.

“Finding this kind of place in rowdy Terminal 1 is nirvana,” said Francois Delacroux, a French tourist who was sitting facing the big windows overlooking the runways said as he held his cappuccino and checked his e-mails while waiting for his flight to Bali.

“The Wi-Fi connection is splendid, and they have so many meal options,” said Erna Utami, another visitor waiting for a flight to the same destination.

Pampering spot 

Have a relaxing massage at the Blue Sky executive lounge, next to Food Cetera. The lounge is available at the tempting price of Rp 80,000 ($ 8.2) for a 60-minute massage or Rp 75,000 ($7.8) for an all you can eat buffet. Another massage parlor can be found on the corner of the Terminal 1C shopping arcade, but this one is a little bit more expensive.

Free electrical plugs to charge your phone and gadgets are located in the Red Lounge food court at the end of Terminal 1B. The food court also houses a 24-hour convenience store, a prayer room and several food stalls such as Mandai, Sederhana Saiyo and Rotiboy.

A mini shopping arcade containing Ananda bookstore, Batik Keris and Parang Kencana batik shops is located in Terminal 1C.

Information Center and Customer service counters are located at the center of Terminal 1B.


There is an ATM Center with Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI), Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI), Bank Central Asia (BCA) and Mandiri machines in Terminal 1A.  Another ATM center with Bukopin, Danamon and BRI machines is located in the Red lounge at the end of Terminal 1B.

It’s hard to find money exchange counters in Terminal 1, so arm yourself with some rupiah if you going to take flights from there.


Terminal 2

Overview – Soekarno-Hatta’s terminal 2 serves domestic and international flights operated by an assortment of airlines including Garuda Indonesia, Singapore Airlines and KLM. Its departure hall is located on level two and its arrival hall on level one.

If you are going on a short trip, you could leave your car in the long-term airport parking area for Rp 80,000 (US$ 8.2) per night, for an extra Rp 40,000 you can get a carwash service from the parking attendants.

Killing time during delays

You can find a relatively new fountain and garden area next to Terminal 2F to pass time reading a book or simply enjoy some fresh air. The area houses ticket booths for travel shuttles, including Damri buses that serve the airport and Greater Jakarta. Just in front of the fountain is the waiting area for those wanting to continue their trip by shuttle.

Pampering spot

The pampering area is located right at the end of the departure hall. One of the places is the Taman Sari Spa, which offers massage packages and food. There are several other parlors in the airport, but it seems Taman Sari is the favorite.

Internet Access, free flow drinks and buffet snacks are available at Soetta Executive lounge, at terminal 2D. It also has an arrival, transit and departure handling service.

The airport’s transit hotel, located on the third floor, right in the center of Terminal 2,  provides short-stay services. Cocktails are available in the jet lounge bar that overlooks the runway.


Terminal 3

Overview - The youngest terminal is home to Airasia and Tiger Airways flights. Unlike its older siblings, Terminal 3 is more modern, spacious and a lot less confusing. Lounges, restaurants and shopping arcades are located at the front of the departure hall.

The Officer In Charge (OIC) office is located in second floor, next to the nursery room, smoking area and health room.

Killing time during delays

A playground is located on the first floor in case you are travelling with children. Laras Resto offers traditional and international food at reasonable prices.

Pampering spot

The massage parlor is on the second floor, adjacent to the Monas lounge and De’Green lounge.

Its shopping arcade houses a Keris Department Store and eateries such as Diplomat Café, Baso Ino, Laras Resto and Hikaru Cafe. It also has an ATM center, which provides Mandiri, Bukopin, BCA and Panin machines, located on the second  floor.

Open lounges are equipped with comfy couches, free electrical plugs and cable TV.

An exclusive transportation service is available for reservation in Terminal 3. Official metered taxi White Horse and Tiara Express provide services using big shuttle cars that can accommodate up to six passengers.


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