Alcheminers Halal Investment Creating Opportunities for Islamic Investors

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The mission of Alcheminers has always been to provide our investors and clients variety of investment options that aligns with people’s ethical beliefs. The Sharia law strictly prohibits any form of investments that includes manufacture or marketing of alcohol; gambling or gaming activities; conventional interest-based financial services; pork and pork products; and pornography. It also eliminates and rules out businesses with high levels of borrowing and eliminates companies that have high debt (sometimes referred to as highly leveraged).

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In line with that fact, Alcheminers launched a Halal investment to allow more investors (especially Islamic investors) to invest their money with a platform that recognizes and adheres to Sharia principles.

This means that investors from regions where Islamic laws restrict them from investing can now find refuge with a platform that is not only regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) but also provides investment packages that strictly obey the laid down Islamic laws and regulations.

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Our Halal investment is currently open to accepting investors from Iran and other countries where Islamic laws apply. Investors who are looking for long-term income generation investments are provided with an opportunity for exposure to a broad range of shariah-compliant investments.

These investors can now partner and collaborate with us to achieve a common objective of making good investments and receiving great rewards in profit.

The Halal fund investment creates a value-driven connection with different clients. It is actively managed by our team of experts and our seasoned portfolio managers who are guided by valuable experience. Acheminers also took important steps to ensure they provide investors with confidence in investments that relate with strict adherence to Shariah principles.

The CEO of Alcheminers, Alex Althausen commented saying "Introducing Alcheminers Halal Investment to our Islamic clients not only speaks how highly we uphold Islamic principles, but it is also a way of creating a faith-based investment for clients. By creating this type of investment, we have opened our doors to all investors and partners who will be looking for a platform that is guided by principles in accordance with their values and religious beliefs. "

“The Halal investment offers great flexibility which is built into our operating structures and providing our customers with high-quality investment products. We tailor investment products to suit the needs of a group of institutional investors or to meet a specific investor’s needs. We always make strategic moves to explore different opportunities in countries where there are large Muslim populations and we provide attractive equity investments and improved financial services to suit the taste of the people in those countries." He added.

The Halal Investment allows investors to invest an amount worth $300 and above. The fund will provide investors opportunities to access commodities, stocks, Digital currencies, and other digital assets that are in line with their values and religious beliefs. Investors will also be guided by a team of experts who would ensure that all investments are Shariah-compliant.

Alcheminers provides quite a good number of mutual funds that are accessible to any type of investor. And depending on their risk appetite, they can make their own investment decisions.

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