Alec Baldwin unimpressed by fellow actors

Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin admires some men "but not many".

The 30 Rock star has discussed the state of modern-day acting. Alec dislikes what most men are doing in the film industry at the moment.

"Most contemporary actors want to seem sullen, virile, lean, and they just bore me beyond any measure. The best acting typically in movies today is done by the women. There are some men who I admire, but not many. I love Colin Firth, I think he's great. I like Clive Owen. I love Leo [DiCaprio], when Leo gets to do a film that I think is worthy of him," Alec told UK newspaper The Independent. "But the women are the ones I most have my eye on."

In particular the talents of actress Cate Blanchett have impressed Alec recently. The pair team up on Woody Allen's new film Blue Jasmine, in which Cate plays troubled woman Jasmine and Alec is her spouse Hal.

"I love Woody, I adore him," Alec explained, adding it was the chance to work with Cate that drew him to the role.

"[I] hadn't been around the dramatic actresses of that level for quite a while. And Woody really put her through the machine, because she's so talented. Take after take after take of very exhaustive, emotional scenes. I sat there at the end of the day and thought, 'She is unbelievable.'"

Alec admits he has lost enthusiasm for the movie industry. This is partly due to him feeling tired of living life in the public eye.

"I want my life to be less performing," he added. "Sometimes the movies are interesting, sometimes the scenes are interesting, but I've never had a good time making a movie! Not one time in my life. Never! I would rather stick my hand in a garbage disposal [than direct a film either]."

Instead, Alec's attentions have been taken over by another leading lady in his life, his wife Hilaria Thomas. He shared his excitement for the couple's soon-to-be born second child.

"That, I'm excited about," he said of the pregnancy.

"My wife is having a baby. That's the project I'm working on now."

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