Alex Man suffers from Type 1 diabetes

Alex Man suffers from Type 1 diabetes

23 Aug – TVB's most popular star of the '80s, Alex Man recently revealed that he has been diagnosed with inherited Type 1 diabetes that caused him to gain 60 pounds along with several other diseases.

Sohu website reported, the actor, who has been focusing his career and business in mainland China since marrying his wife in 2002, revealed that his diabetic condition was an inherited disease, made worse by high cholesterol and gout.

The actor even revealed that he intends to make an early retirement from the industry to focus on his treatments, saying, "After all, health is more important than money."

Alex has already quit smoking and eating seafood because of his health problems, saying that it hurts his joints when he eats seafood and drinks beer.

"My memory is deteriorating too," the actor continued. "I often forget my line after reading the script. I also find it easy to be out of breath when climbing a few steps."

He added, "I am not afraid of death. I just don't want to miss my son."