Alexa PenaVega stands up for stay-at-home moms: 'I’m over here trying not to burn the food or my child'

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Alexa PenaVega is showing support to parents who stay at home.

In a TikTok posted on Friday, the Spy Kids actress — who had her 1-year-old baby Rio on her hip — declared, "I do not want to hear a woman say, 'I'm just a stay-at-home mom.'"

The 33-year-old — who shares three kids with her husband Carlos PenaVega — then shared a little bit about her day as a stay-at-home mom.

"Let me explain what stay-at-home moms do. This one is losing her mind and she's screaming, so I had to pick her up," PenaVega said of her daughter Rio, before moving on to a clip of her 5-year-old son Ocean. "This guy just got a bunch of sand in his eyes, so he's screaming."

She added that while all this is going on, she is trying to cook her husband's lunch for the day, and breakfasts for her kids.

“I’m over here trying not to burn the food, or my child," she said. "Plus the laundry list of everything else I have to do today. So again, I don't ever want to hear 'just a stay-at-home mom.'"

PenaVega’s followers agreed with the sentiment in the comments section.

One wrote, "They actually say it’s equivalent to 2.5 full time jobs! You go mom!"

Another added, "Stay at home moms are superheroes, they keep the house from getting into chaos. You got this queen."

PenaVega, who often gives her followers a peek into her family life on social media, recently paid tribute to her own mother on Instagram, in a Mother's Day post featuring a throwback family photo from her childhood.

“Here is my mama," PenaVega began the post. "I don't have many photos as we don't get to see each other often. Our relationship hasn't always been the easiest to navigate. I know we both have so many regrets and things we wish we could have done differently. Becoming a mom has given me so much more grace for our relationship and has softened my heart in areas that were hardened. God has worked on our relationship so much through these years. And while it isn't perfect or where we both wish it could be… I will always be thankful for her."

In a second Instagram post honoring the day she shared a photo of her family with Carlos, writing, "Happy Mother's Day to all the warrior mamas out there. What a gift it is to be a mom! Our families need our strength… our love… our wisdom… what powerful roles we get to play in raising up little world changers!"

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