Alfonso Ribeiro reveals secrets to winning 'Dancing With the Stars'

Jen Kucsak
Senior Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Alfonso Ribeiro does it all. He’s the host of America’s Funniest Home Videos, he’s a father of three, and he also just happens to be the Season 19 winner of Dancing With the Stars.

During an interview with Yahoo Entertainment, Ribeiro revealed some secrets to becoming the crowned champion. “I’m going to give you one piece of advice. Don’t ever look at your packages.”

The packages Ribeiro is referring to are the videos we see before each contestant and their dance partner take the stage. The reason being, “Sometimes it’s a good package. Sometimes it’s a bad package. Don’t look at it, because it will absolutely get you off your focus,” Ribeiro said.

As for who he thinks is going to come out on top this season, Ribeiro has his bets on acclaimed violinist Lindsey Stirling and her partner, Mark Ballas.

Watch the video above to see what other advice Ribeiro has for the contestants of Season 25, and check out the video below to see our recap of Dancing With the Stars from last week:

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