Alice Cooper: Gaga is inspirational

Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper looks up to Lady Gaga as the ultimate rock star.

The 64-year-old musician's career spans more than four decades and he is regularly hailed as one of rock music's greatest stars. Alice - who is famed for his dark, elaborate shows - claims there's a younger, fresher artist who has over-taken him as the ultimate stage performer though.

"I think it's something people look up to on a level of 'That's something I could be,'" he told Kerrang! magazine when asked why rock stars are important.

"Kids come to see Alice Cooper and they go, 'What? How does he do that? I can't do that!' I look at Lady Gaga and I think the same thing."

Alice looks to fellow musicians for inspiration all the time.

The singer believes artists should possess a wealth of talents and qualities in order to be deemed a "rock star".

"The first person I picture is Mick Jagger, because that is rock star right there," he said. "When you look at him, he's got the attitude, he's got the image, he's got the goods and apparently he's ageless!"

Slash has also revealed his thoughts on rock legends. The former Guns N' Roses lead guitarist thinks the term is sometimes used too loosely.

"I think great musicians, great personalities and people who excel at what they do are extremely important," he said, before adding: "But not all great musicians are rock stars, and not all rock stars are great musicians."

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