Allan Wu & Wong Li Ling divorced due to affair

Allan Wu & Wong Li Ling divorced due to affair

17 Jun - Former Mediacorp actress Wong Li Ling and Chinese-American host Allan Wu's divorce is now the talk of town, and various speculations are flooding the online forums and social-networking sites as to why the celebrity couple would divorce.

According to Lianhe Wanbao, they have identified four possible reasons behind the divorce, which are accusations of an extramarital affair and that Wong was a bossy wife and jealous of her husband's success.

An anonymous source attributed the annulment of marriage to a possible extramarital affair. He revealed to the press that one of them, whom he did not wish to specify, was seen flirting with an unidentified individual at a Japanese restaurant in a six-star hotel.

Another source told reporters that Wong tends to dominate and control her husband, which caused disagreements between the couple. Allan has also been described as a henpecked husband and their divorce came about when he could no longer tolerate his wife's bossiness.

Wong's controlling manner may be due to the fact that she is jealous about her husband's success in the entertainment industry. Although Wong is a good actress and bilingual, Allan is an actor, host, VJ and former model. He is also currently hosting the Asian version of "The Amazing Race".

No official reasons have been given about their divorce in the formal statement released by the couple via Fly Entertainment late Thursday. The couple had also refused to attend any media interviews to elaborate.