Alleged serial sex offender strikes again in Bangsar, local business owner warns

One Bangsar-area woman has taken to popular neighborhood residents’ Facebook group The Republic of Bangsar #TROB to express strong words of warning to other females in the area: A well-known “pervert/stalker/psycho” has been spotted in the streets, and has begun harassing business owners.

User Kyetherine Sim explained that she had noticed the man making consistent visits to her salon, asking for facials, despite the fact that he had already been told that they only serviced a female clientele. After several unsuccessful attempts, she checked her shop’s CCTV cameras to find that on more than one occasion, the man was captured loitering in the staircase, trying to peep inside.

Eventually, she was able to catch him in the act; however, the man denied any wrongdoing, and claimed that he was trying to visit a lawyer’s office in the same building. Unmoved, she contacted police, who arrived on the scene to take him away from the premises. Before leaving, she alleges that he got down on his knees and begged her not to take the incident to social media.

Having been led away in police custody, she was shocked when less than an hour later, she allegedly received a phone call to her company line from the suspect, who left a chilling message: “Wanna catch me? Not so easy.”

Upon receiving the intimidating words, she resolved to post the incident in its entirety to social media, in order to protect other vulnerable residents in the area. Her public message, along with images of the suspect, revealed it was not the suspect’s first time at the rodeo.

Social media users identified the man as local cook, Chow Chee Yeep, claiming that the man in the video is the same individual with a laundry list of sexual harassment charges that include perversely watching a woman as she breastfed at a popular mall, trespassing into the women’s toilet, and taking surreptitious photos of another victim at another KL-area mall.

  In all cases, Chow paid a fine ranging between RM1000 to RM3500 (US$250-US$850), and was allowed to continue roaming the streets unchecked.

Other local business owners have chimed in, telling of their own experiences with the man’s untoward advances and attempts to use their women’s only services. Others have warned to stay on alert in the upmarket neighborhood, especially late at night.

Stay safe, folks. The reality of the matter is that acting like a creep isn’t a crime, but if indeed this man is who the public claim he is, he’s been known to take his actions to more serious levels.

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