Alleged snatch-thief dies shortly after robbing victim of necklace

An attempted snatch-theft ended in tragedy yesterday when the suspected thief was killed shortly after allegedly robbing his victim in the Puchong neighborhood of Kuala Lumpur.

The 44-year-old victim was entering his car when the deceased alleged thief rode by on a motorbike and took a gold necklace the man was wearing at around 6:30pm Sunday night. As he sped away, he faced on-coming traffic, with the victim giving chase behind him and subsequently crashing his vehicle into the suspect. The collision caused severe injuries to the accused thief, with an ambulance being called to the scene.

Paramedics brought the victim to Serdang Hospital, where doctors tried to treat the man to no avail, eventually declaring him dead hours later.

Police confirmed the death, and added that the stolen necklace was recovered. The unnamed suspect had a previous criminal record for drug-related offences and other robberies.



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