Almost 9 in 10 people comfortable shopping through mobile devices: Survey

Colin Tung

However, 67 per cent of respondents from Southeast Asia and Hong Kong want a “better payment method” for mobile shopping

E-commerce in Southeast Asia has been tipped as an area ripe for growth, and survey figures by iprice — a site that affords to users one-stop access to a multitude of Southeast Asia’s online stores — showing 85 per cent of its sample size of 1,000 are comfortable shopping on mobile devices are one supporting factor.

The “paucity of payment systems in Southeast Asia” has, however, been mentioned as simultaneously an obstacle to, and a representation of great potential, for e-commerce growth. It is again reinforced in the survey where 67 per cent of respondents listed a “better payment method” as the top thing that needs to be improved to make mobile shopping a better experience.

With Facebook’s announcement in October that it will be testing ad features allowing users to shop directly through its app, the 17 per cent of respondents who indicated that they shop through the social media giant could increase.

The survey was conducted in Hong Kong in addition to the Southeast Asian countries of Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

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Image credit: iprice

Image credit: iprice

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