Alor Star sessions, magistrate's court offices broken into; files ransacked


ALOR STAR: Staff at the magistrate's and sessions courts’ registrar office here had a rude shock upon turning up for work today when they found their office in a mess.

The premises had been ransacked overnight, and though nothing of value had been stolen, important files were strewn all over the registrar's office and front office – as if the would-be burglar was searching for documents.

Kota Setar deputy police chief Superintendent Yazri Ismail said the break-in was discovered by the courts’ staff when they arrived for work at about 8.30am today.

He said the burglar had rifled through all the drawers in the offices, but that all important files were found intact.

"We believe the burglar entered the office through the unlocked ventilation window between 5.30pm yesterday (Saturday) and early this morning.

"But so far, nothing has been reported missing from the office, and we do not know what the burglar was actually looking for," he told reporters at his office.

Yazri said a police forensic team had lifted four fingerprints and 24 swab samples from the scene for further investigation.